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Hana Maui Recommendations

Hana Maui recommendations including Hana Dining, Bars & Nightclubs, Beaches, Churches, Entertainment, Historic Sites, Shopping and Surfing from a longtime Maui resident!

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Hana Maui

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach


Hana Maui Accomodations

Hana's Tradewind Cottages - 1-800-327-8097 check online to book ahead or call them. they have two cabin style fully appointed homes a one and a two bedroom that will fit your needs. They are located away from the beach however they are in a tropical flower plantation. They both have outdoor private hot tubs with metal roof covering them. When it rains, and it will, the sound of the rain, the taste of the wine, the glow of the candle...need I say more! Great prices. Left at the Hana Airport Rd (Alalele) and look for signs on the left. Sorry no GPS.

Aloha Cottages - (808)248-8420 Located in central Hana and close to Hotel Hana Maui, Hana Ranch store, Hasagawa's, Hana Bay and Red Sand beach. Mrs Nakamura has clean and very inexpensive partial house rentals. We paid $90 for a night (2 people, 2beds, kitchen, bath, living room and wireless internet signal strong enough for a good connection if needed we were very pleased. Checkout is 10:45 and Online reviews say they don't put up with late checkouts. We left at 9am and had nothing but smiles from the Nakamura's...Aloha Hwy 360 will split just entering Hana into Hwy 31 and Uakea Rd. Go left onto Uakea Rd then right onto Keawa Place which is across from Hana Bay. go right between the 2nd and 3rd house where it says office. N20-45'20.0" W155-59'08.8"

Hotel Hana Maui - Luxurious rooms, excellent restaurants and the only bar in town...at a price. Continue right at the road split in Hana on Hwy 31 and Hotel Hana Maui will be on your left just after Keawa Place.

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Hana Maui Bars&Nightclubs

Paniolo Lounge - Hotel Hana Maui. Open till 10pm for cocktails and serving pupu's till 9pm nightly. They had a great Hawaiian music trio on my Sept 06' visit.

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Hana Maui Beaches

Red Sand Beach - Only for the adventurous as you will have to cross Private land and slippery conditions! Bring a good towel as the "sand" is loose red volcanic cinder. Every time I go here I have encountered very interesting and harmless people with much aloha. Try the little lava tub where the ocean is separated from the calm water. I avoid the open ocean waters here due to rough conditions and rip tides! Hwy 360 will split just entering Hana into Hwy 31 and Uakea Rd. Go left onto Uakea Rd and continue until dead end. Turn around and park on street. Walk towards ocean thru the open field and go right thru the tall grass at one of the openings. continue towards the ocean and when you get to the path just above the ocean go left and continue untill dead end...You're there! Park at N20-45'08.5" W155-59'02.7" The Beach is N20-45'08.7" W155-58'53.5"

Koki Beach - A great little beach with stunning views of the Hana cliffs and with a great comtrast of the blue Pacific against the black lava. Hwy 31 south of Hana, go left on Haneoo Rd, Beach is first beach on left. GPS N20-43'41.1" W155-59'07.3"

Hamoa beach - Owned by Hotel Hana Maui, it is well cared for with restrooms. The water is stunningly beautiful and shallow for quite a ways out. Hwy 31 south of Hana, go left on Haneoo Rd continue past Koki beach and around the point to a bus stop on left. path is east of bus stop. GPS N20-43'12.3" W155-59'12.1"

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Hana Maui Churches

St. Gabriel Mission - Keanae 96708 (808) 575-2601
(Kipahulu; past Keanae Peninsula)

St. Joseph - Kaupo (808) 248-8030
(Approximately 20 miles South of Hana)

St. Mary - Hana Highway, Hana 96713 (808) 248-8030
(Across Hotel Hana)

St. Paul - Kipahulu (808) 248-8030
(10 miles South of Hana, at Oheo Gulch)

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Hana Maui Dining

Prices: Include 20% tips and single beverage. Prices increse rapidly with alcohol beverages.

$ - less than $10 average per person

$$ - $10 - $20

$$$ - $20 - $30

$$$$ - More than $30

Hana Ranch Restaurant - Hana $-$$$ - Excellent local style breakfast, lunch and dinner at great prices. Closes at 7pm

Ka'uiki - Hotel Hana Maui $$-$$$$ - Overlooking Hana bay and with a very nicely appointed dining room, asian and local cuisine is nicely prepared and service is excellent

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Hana Maui Entertainment

Hawaiian music live at the Paniolo Bar - Hotel Hana Maui from 6:30 till 9:30 pm Mon, Thurs, Sat and 8-10pm on Sat

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Hana Maui Shopping

Hotel Hana Maui Shops

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Hana Maui Historic-Sites

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Hana Maui Surfing

Hamoa Beach is the only place I've surfed here and was a nice short sandy bottom bay break. Consult locals for more surf areas in Hana and East Maui.

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Hana Maui recommendations including Hana Dining, Bars & Nightclubs, Beaches, Churches, Entertainment, Historic Sites, Shopping and Surfing from a longtime Maui resident!

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Hana Maui

Hana Highway View

Hana Maui Makahiku

Makahiku Falls

Hana Maui Red Sand

Red Sand Beach

Hana Maui Church

St Josephs Church and Haleakala southside waterfalls