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Maui Whale Watching

Maui Whale Watching - Whale Season, Dec 14- May 15

Maui is an optimal location to enjoy the annual Humpback whale migration from Alaska to the warm Hawaiian waters off of Maui. Maui whale watching has been a popular activity for many winter visitors to Maui and is best enjoyed during the "whale season" which falls between December 14th and May 15th with the optimal times being mid January to mid April. During these months the female Humpback whales train their cute newborn calfs the requisite whale maneuvers in the water and out including the famous "breach". More info here Maui Humpback Whale Information

Maui Dinner Cruises

Maui Dinner Cruises

Popular and diverse are the Maui dinner cruise oppportunities. There are several different types of cruise available and they include

The Maui Dinner cruise usually entails setting out from either the Lahaina Harbor or Ma'alaea Harbor on board the dinner cruise ship. Meals are usually standard average seafood fare and the trip is more about being on the water than the food quality. The dinner cruise is usually a sunset event and it would be smart to find out which side of the boat is going to be closer to the sun during the cruise as some trips are quite full. Perhaps it's just me but I don't personally recommend any Maui dinner cruises.

Maui cocktail cruises leave from the beach most often and often incorporate a sunset or performance sail into the entertainment for the trip. Many snorkel trips are also cocktail and or lunch cruises as well as the snorkel trip so inquire about the combination trip if this sounds fun. The cocktail and sunset sail mix is my personal favorite cruise on Maui.

Maui sunset sails as seperate cruises are quite nice and feature the sailboat or catamaran under wind power only which is very nice for those wanting the quiet of nature vs. the sound of diesel engines. Again the Maui sunset sail is often mixed with the "cocktail" party and is a great place to meet other vacationers or to find a peaceful and romantic getaway. These sails often encounter whales up close and personal during whale season and it is awesome to be close to these giants.

Maui performance sailing is best left to the truly adventurous as the performance is usually getting the sailboat waaaaaayy over on its edge and hitting some high speeds. Unforgettable if it's your thing.

Maui Sport Fishing

Maui Sport Fishing

Famous for their Mahi Mahi and Ahi fishing, The Maui sport fishing business is alive and well with the big game hunters of the sea. There are many sport fishing charters to go out with and I recommend visiting the harbor and talking to the captains directly to find a fit that's right for you.

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