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Maui Surfing

Maui Surfing

Maui Surfing information including learning to surf on Maui, Maui surf breaks, forecast, Honolua bay, Hookipa Beach, Goofy Foot surf school, Lahaina breakwall, launiopoko, Jaws, Sharkpit and Boogieboarding locations from a longtime Maui resident!

Maui surfing is not an activity, it is a way of life. Check the surf report on the evening news for at least 1-3 feet and call Local Motion in Lahaina for more info. Summer hits the south, east and west. Winter is famous for the north swell sometimes wrapping to the west. Entries are listed by skill, Break name, swell direction and description. Click the break name to find it on the map. Body surfing is found on the beaches page.

Maui Surfing Lesson?

Goofy Foot Surf School - Breakwall, Lahaina

I met Tim (Goofy Foot Surf School founder) in the water at the breakwall in Lahaina in the early 90's, and have been a friend ever since. He is always smiling, friendly and eager to meet people as is his entire staff! His aloha is unmistakable and has translated to a wonderful business teaching his passion. I couldn't possibly recommend a better group of people to teach you to surf, and you will most likely make some friends. This is the place and crew for your Maui surfing lesson.

Maui Surfing for Beginners


South/West - Surfing and limited sponging

Launiopoko state wayside park is located at mile marker 18 on Honoapiilani highway just south of Lahaina. It is a great spot to surf for the beginner and intermediate level surfers. Small beach area with a sandy tidal pool that is large and great for kids. Restrooms and Picnic tables.

Breakwall - see Breakwall and Lahaina Harbor below

Maui Surfing - Intermediate to Advanced

Honolua Bay

North - Surfing and sponging

Honolua Bay is rated as one of the 10 best right hand point breaks in the world. If it's big, the ride is incredible! The inside is known as the cave and this is your best bet for sponging. This is a heavy locals location so know what you are doing if you go and don't drop in on someone, it's dangerous! Drive north past Kapalua and when the road starts to get windy you will come to the first big uphill road stretch. Honolua will be the first dirt road to the left at the top next to the pinapple fields.

Ho'okipa Beach and "Jaws"

North - Surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing and tow in

Ho'okipa Beach located just past Paia on the Hana Highway is a well known Maui surfing location and is usually a bit windy and is famous for the kite/windsurfing. Excellent multiple breaks but very locals oriented, again, know what you are doing here. The "Jaws" break is out sea to the north from here and not visible from the beach unless the swells are large enough to produce the monsters it is famous for.

Breakwall and Lahaina Harbor

West/South - Surfing, sponging

Located at the Lahaina Harbor. Breakwall is directly in front of the boats and Harbor is across the water channel to the north. They are very close in proximity but behave very differently. Good summer swell location. A great internediate to advanced Maui surfing spot. Breakwall is friendly and low key, harbor is more intense!

Shark Pit

West/South - Surfing

Shark Pit is a short powerful ride right or left depending on the swell direction. Many will say there are sharks in the water here and there are, they just happen to be white tips and are harmless. Just south of the intersection of Shaw St. and Front St. and just before you get to the closed off street connecting to Kauaula Rd. there is a short ocean access that is just north of the break. Paddle out near the boats to the south of the access and you will find the the channel through to Shark Pit.

Freightrains or Ma'alaea

Southwest - surfing

Freighttrains, west of Ma'alaea harbor is a rare breaker in Maui surfing but when it does, it's the fastest right in the world.


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Surfing can be a life changing spiritual experience. Become one with mother nature on a great surfboard.  Need other water sport equipment? We have the best in boat racing and even canoe or kayak racing!!

Maui Surfing information including learning to surf on Maui, Maui surf breaks, forecast, Honolua bay, Hookipa Beach, Goofy Foot surf school, Lahaina breakwall, launiopoko, Jaws, Sharkpit and Boogieboarding locations from a longtime Maui resident!

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