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Hiking Maui

Maui Hiking information including Maui Blowhole, Olivine Pools, Blue Pool, Red Sand Beach, Iao Needle, Twin Falls, Blue Angel Falls and Others from a longtime Maui resident!

Hiking North Maui

Nakalele Point, Blow Hole

Nakalele Point, Blow Hole is 45 minutes north of Lahaina on Honoapiilani Highway, you will find the Blow Hole. It is a moderately strenuous very short hike with about a 200 foot elevation change. If there are any swells to the north this is a fun adventure. Don't swim in ocean here, it is very rough. Follow Highway 30 (Honoapiilani Highway) north from Kapalua. The Acid War Zone trail is near Mile Marker #38 where a gravel parking lot is located. A dirt, jeep road begins the trail which takes approximately 30 minutes to hike. The second trail to the blowhole is located ½ mile past Mile Marker #38 and is marked by a dirt pullout along the side of the road.

Olivine Tide Pools

Olivine Tide Pools is only about 15 minutes from the car. The Tide Pools are a fun place to hang out for a couple of hours. Kids are fine here and they should bring swim wear as one of the pools is 7-12 feet deep and 12 feet by 20 feet with fish and other ocean life. Olivine Poolsyou can also enjoy the romantic "hot tub"A small gravel road on the left is located just prior to Mile Marker #16. Park and walk toward the ocean. A rock platform overlooks the pools. To the left of this overlook is a lava bench and a trail leading down to it and the lava shelf.

Hiking Central Maui

'Iao Needle

'Iao Needle is a very short stroll to view the "Needle" and the magnificent walls of the pu'u kukui Crater. 'Iao Valley is the site of one of the most famous battles that occurred in 1790 and changed Hawaii history forever when King Kamehameha I destroyed the Maui army in an effort to unite the Hawaiian Islands.

Hiking Haleakala

Haleakala Crater

Reserve a cabin or tent camp in Haleakala Crater at one of three amazing locations in the crater by calling the U.S. National Parks Service. This is an excellent hike/camping trip but you need to be prepared and in top shape. The Elevation Starts at about 9,700 feet and drops rapidly to the crater floor at about 8,000 feet. Plenty of sunscreen, water, food, a rain jacket, winter coat, and winter sleeping bag if sleeping in a tent as it is cold at night. The cabins have wood burning stoves supplied with wood and all cooking utensils needed for luxury roughing it. The farthest hike is Paliku cabin at 20.4 miles round trip, Or you can hike straight out Kaupo Gap and into Hana 17.9 miles one way and steep going down the gap. I don't recommend Summit to Hana and back 35.8 miles unless you have a mean grudge against your legs or are an ultra-marathoner. Sunrise/sunset on Haleakala is the other bonus to this trip!

Hiking East Maui - Road to Hana

Twin Falls

Twin Falls hike is found where the mile markers start over at 0 again going towards Hana, you will come to mile 2 and be at the Ho'olawanui Stream. The far side of the bridge has a 2 minute hike to the lower fall, a beautiful waterfall that is a great hike for kids and less adventurous adults. For the more adventurous, Hike to the upper fall. Park just before the bridge and follow the trail through the cow pasture for about 1 mile.

Helele'ike'oha or Blue Angel Falls

Helele'ike'oha also knwn as Blue Angel Falls Beautiful and easy to reach falls with a deep blue pool at the base (AKA Blue Angel Falls). Before reaching Hana, ¼ mile beyond mile marker #31, is 'Ula'ino Road on your left. Go to the end of 'Ula'ino Road (about 3 miles) park. Most of the road is unpaved but easily passable when dry. Walk approximately 200 yards along the rocky shoreline to the waterfall and pool.

Hiking Hana here!

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Maui Hiking information including Maui Blowhole, Olivine Pools, Blue Pool, Red Sand Beach, Iao Needle, Twin Falls, Blue Angel Falls and Others from a longtime Maui resident!

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