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Maui Beach and Bodysurfing

Maui Beach and Bodysurfing recommendations including Makena, Big Beach, Little Beach, Kihei Beach, Nude Beach, Hamoa Beach, Koki Beach, Kaanapali Beach, Slaughterhouse Beach and Baby Beach.

Whether you plan on tanning, body surfing, building a sand castle, or just sipping a mai-tai and watching the sunset, each of my Maui beach recommendations offers something a little different and unique. While there is a policy of no alcohol on Maui beaches it is never enforced and I don't know of anyone who has been bothered. (there is also a no nudity policy - enforced at high visibility beaches but not at little beach.) I could list 25 beaches here but that won't help you pick the best. I've listed my favorites for you here. Keep in mind that during the winter months waves will be larger in the north and during the summer months the south will be bigger. The evening news usually has a surf report and 1-3 feet is small, over 3 feet starts to get much more powerful so plan accordingly. Never turn your back on the ocean if there are waves as they will get you when you least expect it!!

Makena - Big Beach and Little Beach (nude)

Makena Big Beach and Little Beach are perhaps the most well known Maui beaches. Big Beach is very large and with cake flour sand and crystal blue waters you will certainly find paradise. There are outhouses available as well as some BBQ grills and picnic tables. Little beach is also located on the north end of Makena and is better known as a nude beach but is friendly to all beachgoers. Both Makena and Little beach receive large surf at times during the summer and serve as excellent sponge/body surfing locations, they do also have a fairly strong current so beware. Little beach is a better option for those less experienced or you can check out the surfing page.

Napili Bay

Located in Napili north of Lahaina, Napili Bay is another cake flour sand beach with the amenities offered by beach side restaurants/bars. Smaller, peaceful and less crowded than Ka'anapali. Excellent surfing and sponging if the waves are 10+feet. Great breakfasts at "The Gazebo" located to the south end of the beach.

Mokule'ia Beach "Slaughterhouse"

Mokule'ia Beach or Slaughterhouse - Don't let the name scare you. this is an excellent beach that sits near Honolua Bay. I recommend this beach if you are going to Honolua bay to snorkel as there is no beach there, and it can be good for body surfing during the winter months, skip it for surfing however. Excellent summertime snorkeling around the point to the north which connects directly to Honolua with tons of fish and usually turtles. The point itself houses a nice tide pool you can either swim in or just explore.

Old Airport Beach

Located to the north of Ka'anapali beach is Old Airport Beach on the backside of "Black Rock". Usually no crowds at all during busy summer months and great water. I prefer the south end of the beach because the beach sand covers the ocean floor as you get in versus a little rougher underwater covering closer to park at Ka'anapali Villas. No surf break. Decent snorkeling directly out from Castaways restaurant, and of course to the south towards Ka'anapali.

Kaanapali or Ka'anapali Beach

Located north of Lahaina in the resort area of Ka'anapali is Kaanapali or Ka'anapali Beach with the proper spelling...or as it is also known dig-me beach due to the people watching there. This Maui beach is large and crowded during the summer and less crowded in the winter. There are many restaurants and bars to get Pupus but Hula Grill with its barefoot bar and live Hawaiian music during happy hour is the best. Excellent beginner snorkeling at the north end which is "Black Rock". snorkel out around the north point and look for eels! Jump or dive off of Black Rock and if you are truly adventurous swim around to the north and climb then jump the backside. 40-50 feet high and the water is about 25 feet deep. Yes, I've done it! Large southwest and northwest swells sometimes make the body surfing here exciting.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is in Lahaina off of Front Street near Mala wharf between Hard Rock Cafe and Longs drugs. Baby Beach is perfect for little ones wanting to frolic safely in the water due to the protection of a shallow reef 60 yards off shore. The water is really warm but too cloudy for good snorkeling on shore side of reef. In no surf conditions however, the snorkeling is great on the open ocean side of the reef.

Kam 1, 2, 3 - Kihei Beach

These three seperate Kihei Beach destinations are located along S. Kihei Rd. All three have lifegaurds, restrooms and showers. Kam 1, 2 and 3 are Kihei's best place to people watch.

Hana beaches

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Maui Beach and Bodysurfing recommendations including Makena, Big Beach, Little Beach, Kihei beach, Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay, Hamoa Beach, Koki Beach, Kaanapali Beach, Slaughterhouse Beach and Baby Beach.

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