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Mahalo for your interest in Me. I hope you're finding Maui my way interesting and informative.

About Me

Maui my way AuthorAloha, I'm Scot. Having never experienced a Maui vacation my best friend and I moved from northern California to Maui in 1991 With only $2,000 in our pockets. Our "big plan" was to start an adventure company. Of course being adventurous, young (foolish), and timing my arrival in Maui just perfectly, I attempted to surf the Hurricane Iniki waves at the Lahaina Harbor and never made it past the inside break, Thankfully! I survived my first big Maui adventure. The 10 years of adventure that followed included; eating, drinking, talking, walking, golf, hiking, camping, snorkeling, diving, surfing, body surfing and boarding, mt biking, thrill rides, great entertainment, dancing, watching the sun rise and set, romance.. You get the idea. If there is something to do on Maui, I've done it.

Although I didn't have a wife and kids while living on Maui, 12 of my best friends from high school moved there to share the adventure and many stayed for years! I have also entertained my family members as they visited throughout the years, so I'm aware of the most enjoyable activities for singles as well as those for couples, more mature adults and families with kids. While there are many adventure companies on Maui, you won't find mine because it never materialized.

My first job while on Maui was working as a waiter at Chili's Restaurant (now Ruth's Chris Steak House) in Lahaina. My luck changed quickly however when Mark Dirga hired me as a "Door Host" for Blue Tropix Nightclub (now Warren and Annabelle's) just as Paul Ente (the DJ) was about to leave for San Francisco to pursue his live music interests and I was offered the DJ position. I spent most of my Maui professional life as DJ Alek at various clubs including Blue Tropix , World Cafe, Maui Brews, Spats, and Casanova where I met, among others, Magic Johnson, Chris Berman, Anna Nicole Smith, Scott Weiland, Sly Stallone and the cast of 90210). I also worked as a banquet bartender at the Hyatt Regency Ka'anapali, and finished my Maui career as an EMT with AMR, the local ambulance company. I have lived in Lahaina, Ka'anapali, Napili, Kahana, Kihei and Haiku.

I am now working as a Firefighter and Paramedic living in northern California, enjoying the mountains, rivers, lakes and snow. I return to Maui every year for Halloween, also known as "The Mardi Gras of the Pacific" in Lahaina to visit friends and reconnect with the beautiful paradise where I "Grew Up".

My Motivation

"A Maui Vacation is often once in a lifetime" If you had a good friend that lived on Maui, what adventures would they take you on while there? My desire is that you have an excellent time while on Maui and benefit from my experiences there. I have wanted to write a book about Maui for the last 8 years and never got around to it until now.

In mid October 2006 my wife (then girlfriend) and I traveled to Santa Cruz California for a little relaxation. The place we stayed at had a high speed internet connection so I checked for advice sites similar to the scope of this one on the area and found nothing!! We were left to check out the area on our own and had very mixed results,especially in the restaurants. What I would have given for the advice of a friend who had lived there! This is why I created Maui my way!

About The Site

Maui my way, Maui vacation information was built in two months by a complete amateur web designer, Me, having never taken a class on web design or programming in High School or College. I used Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 and a book called Dreamweaver for Dummies, yes one of those books which taught me the basics. After about 200 hours of web based research! The site went through 3 complete rebuilds as I realized that I needed to utilize CSS. I will continue to update Maui my way to provide the best site I can. Of course, I appreciate all feedback about Maui my way, as well as on your personal adventure. So to all the friends I know and those I have yet to meet...

Aloha, a hui ho, Scot

(Love/Greetings, until we meet again)

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